Brad is a self taught indie filmmaker who developed a method for teaching himself how to tell a motion picture story.  Brad's method mainly focuses on reading nearly 200 vintage and modern books on filmmaking, acting technique and special effects. Brad studied films from his vast collection of international films and then getting out there in different cities and filming with actors as often as possible until one day - you got it and its looks like it came straight from a Hollywood production.  Brad is also a fiction writer, which he says helped tremendously, when telling a story in cinema.  Brad is also a musician of several instruments and has written well over 1000 original songs.  Brad performs music for his film productions and completes all of his video editing.  Brad does not work alone, he manages several acting film groups all over the USA and has a vast network of indie actors, who love to work with him and he produces indie projects, film festivals and loves to hire enthusiastic film crew for projects.

" I learned quickly that owning an expensive camera did not make me a filmmaker.  There are hundreds of skills to learn and then the art of telling a movie story is altogether a different skill that one can never fully grasp.  For me, I want to be the first to do it all - act, direct, music, script writer, cinematography and judged critically by my peers and win an important festival - for me, thats better than money.  "    Brad Weston

Brad says the first question he usually get from other indie filmmakers is how do you raise funds to produce indie films.  The answer is easy - my real job pays for it and sometimes I've had to sacrifice luxuries and vacations for productions.  If you love creating cinema, its always a pleasure and never feels like work.

" I learned two important things in financing indie films - if I cannot pay for experienced actors in my films - I learned acting and  I mentor new enthusiastic actors with extraordinary raw talent -I learned how to create a great actor and be ok with filming slower and more expensive than I would like, I rather produce the highest quality indie film possible from my resources than something thats not cinematic "

Brad did not start out in film.  Although brad has a business degree, he taught himself computer programming as the market place demanded IT workers and higher salaries for the skills and brad has been in the software industry for over 20 years.  Brad has worked as software architect for many major enterprise corporations from NYC to Singapore.  

"I needed higher income to pay for my filmmaking addiction, so I did software and l designed software systems for a living.  My background also helps with complex video editing software and special effects.    I travel alot in my career and have lived in great cities and that really helped me with script ideas and as a filmmaker - I've had many cool experiences to draw from - My life has been filled with adventure because of travel - I almost never have writers block because of my travel and experiences"                                                                                 Brad Weston

WHAT NEXT FOR BRAD:  "hopefully, I can pull off a feature film for 2020"