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" The film actor occupies a unique position at the junction of staged and unstaged life "

THE THEORY OF FILM written by  Siegfried Kracuer


2019 NEWS:   bradwestonfilms is organizing the coolest film festival.

My small indie film company developed an all new viewer interactive movie watching format.  We believe we are the first to complete a viable modified filming and active viewer process  Get a first look.  M20.MOVIE

COMING IN 2020: is working on releasing a video on demand site for filmmakers all over the world to sell 100% original innovative, cool, futuristic, bleeding edge, cult, banned, taboo , odd films that "Hollywood can't touch" wholly created by small budget incredible visionaries and indie filmmakers from all over the world.   

 " A high budget motion picture is a well oiled mechanism. It functions with highly trained professionals in a more or less predetermined manner with very little improvisations" 

"To make a make a good motion picture on a low budget you need more talent than to make a good motion picture on a high budget"

      ARTICLE BY  IVAN NAGGY, Filmmaker Magazine - Nov Issue 1971" 

ON SET with brad  Paul Robeson Theatre in Buffalo New York



I am looking for actors and film crew help    Send  mail if interested in acting or helping with film crew.                                                              


ON SET with Selena Moshell from Lion King Tour '17

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Short Film Distribution and Sales 

Film concepts and Original Movie Scripts

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